Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More From Regan

Here's the latest message from one of the busiest women in Forteana: the CFZ's Oregon rep, Regan Lee:

New posts on Octopus Confessional: we have whale strandings, and a look at the 1950s TV series Sea Hunt.

Rabbit love at my Oregon spot on L.O.W.F.I.

In print: watch for an article on the McMinnville UFO Fest in UFO Magazine.

I've joined Squidoo, where I have pages on Bigfoot, Women and UFOs, and more. A part of earnings go to Big Cat Rescue, so click away!

Women Of Esoterica highlights the writers, including two new ones, at Binnall of America.

Speaking of which, my new Trickster's Realm column discusses signals from animals, and what we're to make of them. Or what I make of them, anyway.

I talk about a "dream" of morphing crabs and UFOs in space on Alien Seeker News.

Vintage U.F.O. has a clip, again from Sea Hunt; this episode has a young Leonard Nimoy. Groovy!

Also pics from the McMinnville UFO fest.

Another painting of "The Visitors" on Saucer Sightings.

I recommend the following article by Debra Merskin; beautiful yet very sad, on whale strandings in Oregon. The article appeared in today's Eugene paper, The Register Guard: Song of the whales: Mysterious and disturbing strandings call us to consciousness

Have a healthy and Fortean week!

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