Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Stranger Side Of Bigfoot

The CFZ's Oregon rep, Regan Lee, writes:

"Hi Nick. Hope all is well with you and your family. I contribute to a blog called The C-Influence Blog. Bruce Duensing, Lesley, Lon Strickler, etc. are on it as well as many others. The blog is 'esoteric discussion' among us bloggers. Lon wrote a great piece about 'paranormal' Bigfoot, and many of us, including myself, responded with articles of our own."

Lon's original article can be found here, and here's the follow-up postings from Regan, from Bruce Duensing, and from Eric Ouellet.

Collectively, this is an excellent addition to an aspect of the Bigfoot phenomenon that a lot of researchers of the phenomenon prefer not to deal with. In my opinion, however, it is, an aspect that deserves far more attention than it currently gets, and I'm very pleased to see it getting good, thought-provoking coverage at The C-Influence.

Caroline Farrow: CFZ Illinois

I'm very pleased to announce that we have a new Center for Fortean Zoology representative: Caroline Farrow, of Chicago, who will be covering the state of Illinois. Caroline is also the Co-Founder and Media Director of the Chicago Paranormal Research Society.

In Caroline's own words: "I have been interested in the mysterious and the paranormal since my mother let me stay up way too late one night watching a documentary about Amityville when I was six. When I moved to Chicago I co-founded the Chicago Paranormal Research Society and have been investigating hauntings in the Chicagoland area since 2006. I am hoping to expand my investigations to include my other interests such as the fairy/UFO phenomena, earth mysteries, cryptids, and zooform phenomena. When I’m not poking around the Fortean realms, I enjoy art, physics, nature, travel, gardening, making jewelry and writing."

You can reach Caroline at: caroline@chicagoparanormal.org

We look forward to working with Caroline and will, of course, keep you fully updated of her crypto-work in Illinois!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mutes in the UK

Regan Lee, the CFZ's Oregon rep, reports on a story that is making big waves right now in the UK. It's a weird and disturbing one, and can be found right here!

Micah On Exploring All Realms

Tonight's guest on the Exploring All Realms radio-show that I co-host with Raven Meindel will be the CFZ's North Carolina representative, my good mate, Micah Hanks.

Here's the link to the show.

We will, of course, be covering all of Micah's research, but cryptozoology is bound to rear its monstrous head!