Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melissa Miller's Latest

Here's a new post from our Oklahoma rep, Melissa Miller:

"Here's a quick list of sightings I've gathered recently: Another black panther/lion around Fort Gibson;A 16-18 foot rattlesnake found at Camp Gruber, near Greenleaf Lake, in the early 1900s (the longest variety of known rattlesnake in North America, the Eastern Diamondback, only gets up to seven feet);

"The area of Rocky Point is home to ongoing light phenomenon--lights in the shape of a Ferris wheel rises off the hill several nights a year. There are also black panther/lion sightings in the area;And a particularly interesting report of falling crawfish in Gans, Oklahoma, in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

"Also the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association is launching an expedition next week, September 24-27, in LeFlore County in Southeastern Oklahoma, by far the area with the most Bigfoot sightings (18 official sightings and many many legends). Here is the expedition page link:

"Unfortunately yours truly will not be attending, but here's hoping it's a fruitful expedition."

For more information on Melissa's work, click here!

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