Monday, November 2, 2009

A Ghostly Cat

And another interesting and thought-provoking post from Regan Lee:

A Half Cat Ghostly Hallucination

I had a very strange experience this morning. I was in the kitchen, at the sink, and saw my white cat, Sno-boy, walk by me, almost touching me. He was on his way to the laundry room, where the litter box is. I almost said "Hey, Snowy" aloud, but didn't.

I turned back to the sink for literally a second, then turned back, and he was gone. If he had walked back, I would have seen him...then it all came to me in a rush how weird the whole thing was.For one thing, I had only seen half of his body; the back half.

For another, he walks very slowly, he's twelve years old and our "rummy cat" -- too much fighting through the years, pretty much feral when we rescued him at four years of age. He doesn't exactly bound around with lightness and joy. (However, he's a big sweetie.)

And, he rarely goes back there to the laundry room to use the litter box; he hates using the litter box, and will wait to go outside. It is very unusual for him to go to his box in the daytime, or any time, really.I check to see if he's in the house, and I find him sound asleep, curled up on the bed.

There isn't any way he could have walked by me in the kitchen and have made it to the bedroom, gotten into that position and fast asleep in just three seconds or so.The whole thing was really odd.

I had never seen something that was so solidly there, (I've felt, heard and smelled ghosts -- I know, that last one sounds funny -- and seen misty apparitions, but never seen anything so solidly present)I mean, the cat was right there! I didn't think I might have, I did.Just a weird thing all around. And scary, because of course, my thought now is, am I going nuts or is there some strange glitch going on in my brain?

I will say, that of all the cats I've had, Sno-boy is the one I've had intense moments of telepathic communication with. I had it once with my cat Shiva, who was an amazing animal, but more so with Sno-boy. With both cats I've had occasions where a sudden, sharp image was "inserted" into my mind, with a strong message/feeling attached to it, as if the cats had projected a clear picture of what was bothering them into my mind.

For example, when Shiva was alive, we had five cats. We had just brought another cat into our home. It was clear Shiva was disturbed in some ways about this but not overly so. One night, we were all on the bed, and I felt Shiva staring at me. I looked at him, and felt (almost heard) a sharp "click" and little flash of light, and saw an image of all the cats in strange positions, all jumbled up together. A telepathic message came with that image; what was disturbing him was the rearrangement of space now that Sno-boy was in the house. Shiva didn't like having to figure out new territories. This all happened in just moments.

There have been other moments as well. When we rescued Sno-boy from abusive neighbors, I knew what had happened to him. I saw it in my mind. Sno-boy had been allowed to roam freely in the neighborhood at all hours, including severe snowstorms, and he wasn't neutered. Suddenly, he was gone. I knew the neighbors had taken him to the pound. I went there, and sure enough, he was there. Turns out the neighbors had brought him into the pound, saying he was a stray that they had caught on their property. Liars, and illegal. They did this because the cat was sick; (and they were creeps) he had a gunky eye infection, but it was something that could easily be taken care of.

The day before I noticed Sno-boy missing (for he'd hang around our porch all the time) I had the same kind of feeling I had with the other moments of communication: that click/flash in my head. I just had this strong, electrical feeling that Sno-boy was outside the back door. I opened it, and he was just sitting there, staring at me, at the bottom of the steps. He didn't move, he didn't make a sound. He just sat there, staring at me, and I "heard" him tell me this was his last chance, and I needed to take him, now. I wanted to, but couldn't justify stealing someone's cat. (Now that I know what I know, I would have just taken him right then.)

I told him I was sorry, but he wasn't ours, and closed the door. Fortunately, things worked out and Sno-boy has been our cat for some time now. He's happy and healthy and has brought us a lot of happiness.

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