Friday, March 13, 2009

Regan's Latest

Our CFZ-Oregon rep Regan Lee has a notable new post online, in which she says:

"My husband Jim is writing a novel; it's a conspiracy/sci-fi/paranormal tinged book, and it's wonderful to have him read me the latest every week. It's tentatively titled Product A recent scene in his book has the main character remembering something that happened when he was a child. Staying at the beach with his mother, he is aware of a creature in need. A giant, whale/octopus/leviathan kind of creature, preternatural, that calls to him. The character goes to the creature, who is injured, meets a girl; through a series of telepathic Fortean type events, the creature manages to return back into the ocean."

And here's the rest of Regan's post.

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