Monday, December 21, 2009

New From Ohio

As you'll know, Brian Parsons covers crypto-research for the CFZ in Ohio. Well, the good news is that we have yet another devotee of all-things cryptozoological who will be doing work for the CFZ: Bobby Nelson, who can be contacted at:

Bobby had his first paranormal experience when he was just 5 years old; this experience sparked a curiosity that could not be ignored, leading him to investigate the unknown. With 10 years of paranormal investigations under his belt Robert Nelson has explored all aspects of the paranormal from UFO’s, Cryptids, Ghosts and psychical research.

Robert is an avid researcher on all topics of the paranormal and has a passion for the history of this field. He currently is the Co-Founder of Phase 3 Paranormal, a group dedicated to helping those experiencing paranormal activity.

He is also the Host of an Internet radio show Strange Frequencies Radio twice a week dealing with all paranormal topics. Robert is also the Toledo Parapsychology Examiner, writing articles on various paranormal topics; and the founder of the Toledo Society of Psychical Research.

With aspirations to open a museum devoted to the paranormal, Robert also collects various paranormal casts, gaffs, and relics he affectionately has dubbed Bobby’s Oddities.

Keep a look-out for Bobby's work right here!

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  1. Welcome to the CFZ US fold. "Get yourself a nice cold beer and drink your cares away." Apologies to Filter.