Monday, December 21, 2009

Regan Lee: Latest Blogs

As usual, the CFZ's Oregon rep, Regan Lee, is blogging like a woman possessed! But that's a good thing, of course! How does she do it? Caffeine? Directions from a spectral Bigfoot? Orders from the Space-Brothers? Who knows, but it's working!

Here's Regan's latest, in her own words:

New posts at The Orange Orb, including sketches of Mothman I've been playing with. Also at Mothman Flutterings.I've discovered a Bigfoot blog: Linda Newton-Perry's Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I comment on it at Frame 352.Sklaire Alvegren has a neat video interview and other good news, as I comment on at Women Of Esoterica.Tim Binnall's site, BoA, has given us esoteric columnists two weeks off, so no new columns which is a good thing, really. More time to relax and become truly inspired, with fresh Forteana for the new year! But you can always listen to the podcasts and visit the forum, as well as read previous columns.A few posts on Contactees at Vintage U.F.O.

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