Friday, March 26, 2010

Raven and MonsterQuest

The CFZ's Michigan representative, Raven, provides us with her take on Wednesday night's (final) episode of MonsterQuest: on werewolves and the notorious Gable Film.

Raven begins:

"Good morning everyone.

"Firstly, Id like to thank you for all the compliments I have been receiving about my part in the expedition for MonsterQuest. I had a great time out there with the crew and team, and learned a lot about being on film as well. (As some of you already know, this was my very first exposure on national television. )

"The first thing I learned was that the camera really DOES add ten pounds, and wearing 30 pounds of cold weather and rain gear is NOT flattering to my hips and shoulders. It made me look like an offensive linebacker for the New York Jets! The Raven was not happy!

"That being said......

"Though I haven't read through all of my emails yet, I have seen several this morning that concerned me and I really would like to put my two cents in about the whole MonsterQuest/Gable controversy especially regarding my friend and one of my mentors in this field,Linda Godfrey."

And here's the entire post...

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