Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meet The Team 6: Regan Lee, Oregon

Fellow Fortean Regan Lee is, I'm pleased to say, up for the challenge of being the CFZ-USA representative for the state of Oregon. And in Regan's own words...

"I grew up in Southern California but have been living in Western Oregon for the past thirty years or so. My fascination with all things paranormal and esoteric began in childhood, and has stayed with me all these years.

"Part of my intrigue into all Fortean, mysterious things, including crypto stuff, is due to my personal experiences involving UFOs, entities and other paranormal phenomena. I’ve turned my deep interest in these subjects into a writing career, blogging away on these topics with what I happily acknowledge is an obsession.

"Two of my blogs address crypto topics: Mothman Flutterings and Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch.

"My article Mothman and Other Synchronicities appears in the Darklore Journal, Volume III, and I write a monthly column (The Orange Orb ) for UFO Magazine.

"Besides managing several blogs (Saucer Sightings, Vintage U.F.O., and Women Of Esoterica, etc.), I also write a bi-weekly column for Tim Binnall’s website (Trickster’s Realm) and write for UFO Digest.

"I’m also the Western Oregon rep for Skylaire Alfvegrens’s L.O.W.F.I. (League of Western Fortean Intermediatists.) I’ve also created a couple of esoteric e-books and am in the process of writing more, including a collection of Bigfoot stories.

"Part of my interests in the paranormal/esoteric arena involves animals and strange creatures. While in college, where i studied folklore, I did many projects on UFOs and related topics, including a final project on the relationship between animals, humans, and UFO and Fortean events.

"A strong interest of mine are the 'paranormal' Bigfoot stories involving orbs, UFOs, dematerializations, and other high strangeness. Oregon has many strange tales; including Bigfoot, UFOs, even lake creatures, and I’m looking forward to writing about these topics for Crypto Squad USA!"

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