Friday, January 30, 2009

Micah & Monster Bats

Check out this excellent new article from CFZ North Carolina rep Micah Hanks (pictured here with me at the Asheville, NC Dark 30 gig in October 2007) on sightings around the world of giant, monstrous bats. As Micah says in his article:

"In May of last year, motorists in Washington County, Pennsylvania traveling along a major route suddenly pulled over to watch what many described as a 'huge dark-colored flying creature' flying low as it passed over the cars. Prolific researcher Stan Gordon noted at his website how witnesses to the event agreed that the creature looked 'more like a giant bat than a bird.'

"Indeed, of all places, giant bat-like creatures are often described over America’s skies, though generally speaking, many of this country’s best known cryptozoological mystery-monsters host bat-like traits.

"Take for instance the membranous wings of the Northern Jersey Devil; or perhaps most famous of all American cryptids, the Mothman of West Virginia, with its large wings and glowing red eyes.

"Elsewhere in the world, England’s 'Owl Man', essentially a British counterpart to America’s Mothman, is joined by an infamous “vampire” said to have haunted Highgate Cemetery in North London for several decades.

"Regardless, both of these mysterious European entities bear similarities to America’s most famous fluttering beast, a number of which are indeed bat-like."

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  1. I read Micah's blog regarding the giant bats and it was really enlightening,especially the link to the Mayan culture.
    I find it very curious how these creatures seem to be popping up a bit more as we approach 2012.
    A connection maybe?

    I look forward to more of his posts!